Living with a Leo

As many of you will be aware Leonbergers make wonderful family pets.  They are incredibly loyal and many owners will tell you that they wouldn’t change breeds for the world.  The Leonberger is a faithful companion and will fight for your attention day in and day out.  They are happy to be a lazy dog sprawled out by your feet or an active dog accompanying you on long walks.  One thing is for certain a Leo is at their happiest when they are by your side.

Day by day a Leo will entertain you with their regular antics.  The most favourable thing is to lie on their back, exposing everything to the world and smiling.  This is how most Leonbergers sleep, usually by propping themselves up by kitchen cabinets, settees, stairs, etc.  On backLeonbergers also like to laugh at you!  Make no mistake I am deadly serious about this.  When they get excited they throw their head back, mouth wide open and launching their feet off the floor.  This is an incredible sight and those who are not use to seeing a sight like this are bound to be in fits of laughter, it resembles a nutty kangaroo!

Well know for their kind, sensitive, caring temperaments.  They are intelligent and amenable.  Many Leos today partake in agility and obedience trials, and of course, not forgetting water trials.  There are many as Pets As Therapy Dogs just showing how gentle and solid the temperament of this breed really is if trained correctly.

However, as wonderful as this breed is, they do have their drawbacks and it is important as potential new owners that you are aware of these:

Leonbergers are big – not the shock of the century as you are probably aware, but Leos do not realise just how big they are.  Also Leos are clumsy – they can clear a coffee table in one swoop of their tail and not know until they hear the breaking of cups, mugs, glasses, etc hitting the floor.

Leos can knock grown men to the floor.  Although this will not be intentional, one swing from their backside could easily push someone off their feet, so if you have small children or elderly relatives regularly visit, it is important your Leo is trained.

Leos have big feet.  Combined with a clumsy 10st critter, these feet cause tremendous amounts of pain when they stand on you !  Also, a Leo will ‘slap you’ to get your attention.  This is cute as a puppy, but soon becomes a problem as they grow.

WaterLeonbergers LOVE water! They will lie, dig and play in water all day long given the chance.  This means ANY water.  A Leo will drink for the sake of drinking, not necessarily because they are thirsty, but because they love to play with it.  Expect your kitchen floors to be permanently wet – this is not an exaggeration!  Even from a raised bowl, a Leo WILL spill half the contents of its water on the floor!

Leonbergers always look clean.  This is because all the mud they have brought in from the garden has dried to their coat.  They then come in the house and the dust drops out all over your floors, walls, ceilings – you name it, it’s covered in muddy dust!

Leos love to dig and chew, not a huge problem for a small dog, but a Leo is not small – meaning anything chewed or dug is going to be huge!

Leos attract attention.  You will be stopped by strangers every time you leave the house with your dog.  Be prepared to answer the same questions over and over again about your Leo.  What breed is that? What is your German Shepherd crossed with? You want to get a saddle for that! He looks like a lion, bear, donkey, etc….  These are just some of the things you will hear every 10 minutes whilst out walking with your beloved best friend.

With all this being said, we have not yet found a breed to compare to this majestic giant.  They are addictive…..ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH!!!!  Trust us on that one!

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