About Us

We are Lesley and Martin Simpson who currently share our home with 8 beautiful Leonbergers.  Located in the UK on the Surrey/West Sussex border in the heart of the countryside surrounded by fields.

Our first encounter of a Leonberger was in 2006 when we fell in love with the breed and have not looked back.  We have always owned dogs and previously shared our lives with German Shepherds and Border Collies.  All our dogs are our beloved pets and are with us for life.

How it all began!
A beautiful boy called ‘Moses’ in someone’s garden has a lot to answer for….lol.  After lots of research and speaking to breeders, being warned how addictive a Leonberger was and that one is never enough, we brought home our beautiful Lennox and 2 weeks later went and got his sister!  11 years later we now have our own pride.

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